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4 Tips for Traveling with Elderly Parents

4 Tips for Traveling with Elderly Parents

Whether it be on vacation or to visit family, accompanying your parents on a trip is a gesture they will always appreciate. Traveling with elderly parents, however, may require extra logistical planning. Elderly parents can have mobility issues or require special medical care while on the trip. That is why it is important for you to take care of all the details of the trip beforehand. Here are 4 helpful tips for traveling with your elderly parents.

Plan ahead

Planning out your trip ahead of time is important, especially when taking your elderly parents. Be sure to book a comfortable transportation method, such as an airplane or train. You should also find the most direct route with the shortest amount of travel time. This will ensure your parents enjoy a comfortable ride to your destination. Be on the lookout for special senior discounts that some airlines may offer. If your parents have mobility issues, request wheel chair services at the airport and special designated seats on the plane. Remember, you will have an easier time making special requests for your parents if you do so in advance.

Pack light

Helping your parents pack only the essentials will make prepping for the trip much simpler. Packing light means you will not only not have to worry about carrying multiple bulky bags around, but it will also decrease the likelihood of leaving important things behind. Lessen the load by packing only essential items that will fit into one roller suitcase for each person. Don’t forget to bring a small notebook where you can jot down important phone numbers, addresses, and reminders for your parents.

Rent a scooter or wheelchair

Walkers or canes are not ideal mobility aids for a trip. Walking long distances or standing for long periods of time can be exhausting for your elderly parents.  Keep them at ease by renting a scooter or wheelchair at your destination. This will allow them to move around easier and will increase their independence. A wheelchair or scooter will allow them to have more energy to do the activities planned for the trip. In addition, renting a scooter or wheelchair will give you peace of mind as injuries or falls are less likely to occur.

Manage medication

Make a note of your parents’ medication regimen and take it with you on the trip. Also, don’t forget to take their full supply of medications while they are out of town. Be sure to take extra medication in case your return is delayed. You should also consult with their doctor if you will be traveling for a long period of time. The doctor might prescribe additional medications or suggest any precautions your parents should take while they are away.

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