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 Welcome to Yellow Scooters Mobility Rental & Sales

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Navigating Disney World on a Scooter

Navigating Disney World on a Scooter

With four theme parks and two waterparks, Disney World is a fascinating dream vacation destination for people of all ages. The entire expanse of Disney World is so huge that you would need to spend an entire week to explore the different places of all of the theme parks.

Are you visiting Disney World with your parents or grandparents? Now, you do not have to worry about your elderly family members getting tired while walking around the park. By renting a scooter, touring around is now so much more convenient even if some members of your group have mobility issues. Roaming around Disney World on a scooter definitely offers ease and comfort for your elderly loved ones.

What is a Scooter?

Also called an Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV), a scooter is a battery-powered, three or four-wheeled vehicle designed to help people with mobility problems. Scooters can be used either indoors or outdoors. They are designed to bring ease, comfort, and convenience to its users. Moreover, by using a scooter, getting in and out of the parks requires less time.

Helpful Tips for Scooter Users in Disney World

  • Practice using a scooter before renting one.

It will be helpful to practice using a power scooter at a department store before going to Disney World. Familiarity with operating a scooter will help you adjust when navigating your way through the theme park.

  • Bring your own cushion.

For those who are new to scooters, it is recommended to bring in your own cushions. The scooter seats may tend to feel awfully hard after a few hours and being seated in a cushion will protect you from bum-ache and lower back-ache as well.

  • Attach an identifier on the scooter.

If you are a guide, try to get a balloon or hat tied to the scooter so you can easily distinguish your group members from the crowd. It will save you time identifying who you are looking out for amidst a crowd of scooter users.

  • Make sure the guide can easily be contacted by the scooter user.

Make sure that phones of both the scooter user and looker are fully charged. It is upsetting to ask security for help when you get separated from each other. Moreover, it will be helpful to determine a meeting spot in each park in case one of you lost the way.

  • Do not leave the key on the scooter when you leave or park it.

Take the key for each time that you leave the scooter. Always keep in mind that there is a button to pull that will put the scooter in neutral so you can easily push it around if needed.

  • Always check the battery charge before use.

The scooter’s battery life is good for an average of 6 hours. It is best to ensure that it is fully charged before using it.

  • Choose a type of scooter based on your plan and route.

If you will not be staying on Disney property, you might want to consider a scooter that can be disassembled to fit in the back of your vehicle for ease in transporting.

There are many ways to rent a scooter in Disney World. Some vendors have full access to all the parks so that in the case of a breakdown, there is no need for you to push the scooter to the entrance of the park. These vendors will instead send a company representative to replace your scooter wherever you are in the park.

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