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Wheelchair Friendly Places to Visit in Orlando

Wheelchair Friendly Places to Visit in Orlando

Individuals in a wheelchair often have many challenges posed to them while traveling. Fortunately, there is no need to fret when you are in Orlando because the city offers a lot of conveniences for wheelchair users.

Before going from one place to another, it may come in handy to prepare an itinerary and decide whether you will be visiting places alone or with a companion. Having a travel guide or checklist will save you time and energy when you arrive at your desired destination.

5 Wheelchair Friendly Orlando Destinations

Here are some wheelchair-accessible places to visit in Orlando.

  • Theme and Water Parks

Each of the tourist attractions provides a list of areas that are wheelchair friendly, including the new Volcano Bay which is part of Universal Studios. All shows offer special wheelchair seating too. Special parking facilities are provided, and accessible restrooms and telephones are within easy reach of wheelchair guests.

Guide books enumerate policies when it comes to queue and the use of various amenities that wheelchair users can take advantage of. Disney World is meticulous when it comes to making people with special needs comfortable on its premises.

  • Central Florida Zoo

Aside from seeing more than 400 animals, there are tons of beautiful trees to provide shade for you on a fine sunny day. There are also Barnyard Buddies and Herpetarium which are filled with domestic animals and different kinds of reptiles. They have wood pathways with some paved sidewalks that are generally wheelchair friendly.

  • Orlando Museum of Art

The entire museum is fully wheelchair accessible. You will get to enjoy viewing both on-site and off-site exhibitions of art collection from Africa, America, and contemporary works of art. The museum also presents gallery tours, art appreciation lectures, and outreach services in its facility.

  • Orlando Science Center

This wheelchair friendly center offers rainy day activities for Orlando families. Aside from four floors of educational exhibits, it also offers giant screen movies and engaging seminars about science in different ways like fermenting wine.

  • Lake Eola Park

Located in Downtown Orlando, this park boasts of having a wide sidewalk that can easily accommodate wheelchair users and their companions. Other park activities include renting swan-shaped paddle boats that are wheelchair accessible.

Aside from feeding the swans and seeing a concert in the Walt Disney Amphitheater, you may likewise bask upon the view of colorful flower beds or get yourself fascinated with Orlando’s Skyline. The Eola Sunday market is also known for featuring an assortment of local cuisine, artworks and some form of entertainment.

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There are other places in Orlando that are accessible to wheelchair users. Aside from being given special treatment on rides and while in a queue, Orlando offers more facilities that aim to bring as much convenience as possible to guests in wheelchairs. It’s important to stay aware of scam artists trying to take advantage of you just because you’re in a wheelchair. This includes timeshare salespeople and others. Primo Management Group can help get you out of a timeshare scam. 

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