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Mobility Assistance Dogs: How to Get the Best Companion

Mobility Assistance Dogs: How to Get the Best Companion

A mobile assistance dog is a service animal that is trained to aid seniors, veterans, and children living with disabilities. They are permitted in all public places as they are vital to helping quality of life for the owner.

They are most notable for assisting the blind and deaf with crossing the streets, being alerted to alarms or emergency sirens, or providing emotional support for military veterans experiencing symptoms of PTSD.

More seniors are asking for service dogs because they help with overcoming visual impairment, hearing impairment, and with issues relating to mobility that includes accessing items, assisting with daily tasks, and even pulling a wheelchair when needed.

There are several qualities to finding the best service companion for mobility assistance. Here are three things you need to consider.

Assisted Services

Mobility Assistance Dogs can be trained to provide for your specific needs, especially in regards to getting to areas that are hard to access. This includes help with picking up and retrieving items. In addition, dogs can assist with flipping light switches, responding to alarms or emergency phones, or providing direction toward a safe walking path.

They can also provide support and companionship for seniors with serious mental diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. These diseases can significantly impact the balance of the person as well as cause a person to wander out in the world on their own. They are also capable of picking up a walking cane or helping an owner get closer to their walker.

Services for Seniors

A Mobility Assistance Dog can literally save the life of a senior. There are several dangerous scenarios that can be averted with their assistance. Some of these scenarios include barking for help if the owner is lost or unable to move, carrying a GPS locator to help locate a missing owner, and “anchoring” the owner towards reality when the person is dissociating.

As a senior seeking the assistance of a service dog, it’s important to outline your mental conditions as well as common risk factors where a companion can make the difference between life or death.

Additional Services

It’s important to find a service dog whose training is specialized toward meeting your needs. Sometimes a mobility assistance dog may need to be there for emotional support, which requires the dog to have a certain behavior and temperament to qualify.

These service dogs may also need to be trained to assist with dressing in the morning and preparing food to eat. It’s important to understand what other needs a service dog can fulfill in addition to increasing mobility.

A Mobility Assistance Dog can make a huge difference in the quality of life of an owner. There are various needs that need to be served to help provide for the safety, well-being, and overall capability to accomplish everyday tasks. The answer to finding the best companion is to find the one that is trained to meet your specific needs whether you need a guardian, a friend, or both.

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