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The Ultimate Guide: What to Do if You Become Disabled

The Ultimate Guide: What to Do if You Become Disabled

When living with a new disability, everything that used to be easy suddenly becomes impossible. Going to a certain place can be a drag, and even preparing a decent meal can feel like mission impossible. Depending on the disability, physical, social, and mental barriers can bring you down and trigger a spiral into depression. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help guide you in a positive and healthy direction.

We have created this guide to help you deal with the struggles of being newly disabled.

Emotional Reactions

Going from being an “able” person to a disabled person is going to trigger many emotional challenges. Anger, frustration, fear, and sadness are common feelings that you may experience. Instead of following these emotions to a negative place, use them to empower you to move forward. Although easier said than done, this is achievable.

If you find that you simply cannot avoid the negative impact of emotional distress, do not hesitate to start going to counseling, or using other healthy coping mechanisms. Most social service agents and hospitals provide support groups to help you deal with such adversities. Seek them out.

Physical Changes

It is important that you are aware your body and your mind will have a harder time functioning together. Practical things that were once easy to do will now be difficult. The most important thing you can do is allow yourself time to adjust to these circumstances and be patient. Accept the situation as positively as you can, and seek as much support as you can. Remember, the goals you wanted to accomplish can still be achieved. Find creative and innovative ways to maximize your potential, and you’ll find that these positive changes can make a huge impact in your life.

Government and Alternatives

Luckily, there are many government platforms that help the newly disabled. Get in contact with organizations, governmental support, and so forth to get the maximum aid available. Whether you need help financially, socially, or physically, these organizations are your go-to

Although these methods are a great source of help, expect, at times, to have delays in the functions of the system. Sometimes, a request or appeal may not be on time, or even be accepted. Keep good records of all your medical information, as you may need them when dealing with bureaucratic matters.

Co-workers and Others’ Reactions

Expect to have be treated differently when interacting with co-workers and others around you. This isn’t going to be the case all the time, but it will be much of the time. Unfortunately, some newly disabled individuals may even lose their jobs. Be aware that if you are still able to do the work for which you are hired, firing you for being disabled is illegal. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you have certain rights. Learn these laws, and use them to your advantage. Should you need to, you may even use these rights to defend your case when dealing with your employer.

New Equipment

Disability in most cases means lack of or reduced mobility. As a newly disabled person, you may need to purchase a wheelchair or a rent a mobility scooter for greater flexibility and comfort. Although this may seem odd at first and may take getting used to, it will help you function better and get to places more quickly and efficiently.

Coping and Determination

It’s not easy. It’s not easy at all. Yet, the one factor that makes all the difference is your perspective and mindset. Disability does not diminish your value as a person and does not lessen your ability as much as you think. When one door closes, another opens. Take a blind man, who, despite losing his eyesight, has now drastically sharpened his hearing. See the opportunities that are now available to you, and always see the positive in everything. Join support groups, speak about your new changes, and inspire yourself through online platforms.

Although you may now think that the resources you once had are limited, most things you dreamed of are still possible. If there’s a will, there’s a way! Oh, and while you’re working on those positive life changes, should you need to rent a scooter for your weekend fun, Yellow Scooters has your back.