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Senior Safety Tips While on a Cruise

Senior Safety Tips While on a Cruise

Going on a cruise should be a fun time for everyone. However, when traveling with an elderly parent or relative, there are certain things you must consider. While you should feel free to kick back and enjoy your vacation, remember to stay safe. Keep in mind these tips to have a safe, enjoyable cruise.

Give yourself time

Traveling around with seniors will almost always take more time than it would with younger people. This must be considered when planning out your day. Remember to always give yourselves more time than needed, just in case. Especially when on a cruise, you must return to the ship on time so that you do not get left behind. Avoid stressing yourself out by allotting more time for travel. Safely assume that it will take about double the time it takes you alone when with a senior.

Revamp your itinerary

When young people travel, they often aim to do everything they can on the itinerary. This is not the case for the elderly. Understand that energy and fitness levels are different, and sometimes a simple walk into town will have to suffice. If you are unable to walk long distances, rent a mobility scooter for your cruise. Check out the views of the town’s center, grab some coffee at a local café and meet some locals. This can be just as much of a cultural experience.

Give yourself some space

While the cruise ship may be large, the rooms are almost always not. If you are traveling as a couple, sharing a room is ideal. Otherwise, opt for separate rooms. This will allow for each person to have their own personal space and privacy, which will, in turn, make for a more enjoyable trip.

Wear the right clothes

You want to be comfortable on vacation. More than that, safety should be your top priority. Walking around a new city requires comfortable sneakers that will not leave blisters or cuts on your feet. Many foreign cities are also lined with cobblestone streets. To keep safe, make sure you are wearing close-toed footwear.

If you are traveling somewhere sunny, make sure you bring along a hat and some sunscreen. Especially when exploring new places, you can be outdoors for long periods of time. Protecting yourself will prevent heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration, and sunstroke, among other things.

Keep valuables out of sight

Pickpockets know where tourists hang out in the city. They are professionals at knowing who to target–do not allow yourself to be a victim. Keep money in a hidden money waist belt and only take it out when needed. Leave all valuables and flashy jewelry at home. If you cannot afford to lose it, leave it behind. You do not want to spend your vacation having to be preoccupied with your valuables.

Always travel in groups

It is vital for travelers to stay in a group. Even if you are traveling alone, there are plenty of other people on board who you can tag along with. People go on vacation to have a good time—most of the time, they are open to meeting new people. Never wander around cities alone, especially in the dark.

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