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Cruise Traveling Tips: What to Do Before and After

Cruise Traveling Tips: What to Do Before and After

Going on a cruise is a fun way to travel. You get to meet different types of people on board the ship and enjoy all the amenities on board. But as with any type of traveling requires, you will need to prepare for your trip. Read on for some tips on what you need to do before and after your cruise ship travel.

Before the Cruise                                                                            

Prepare your cruise ship travel #OOTD.


“What should I wear?” This might be one of the most common questions when it comes to traveling. Apart from wanting to look good in all the photos, you also have to plan what you need to pack accordingly.

It’s best to check your itinerary, this way you can see how many formal nights you’ll have on the trip. According to this article from Carnival.com, dinner in the formal dining room is usually business casual. For more formal nights, the men can wear a suit or tuxedo.

On the other hand, women can go from “Sunday Best” to even an elegant gown. You can basically wear whatever you want on a cruise, just skip the shorts, sandals, and tank tops.


Check if the cruise ship has an infirmary.

According to this article from the New York Times, you should not book a cruise ship without an infirmary. A typical cruise ship infirmary would have a nurse, and possibly a doctor. They should be capable of treating something as minor as a sore throat up to something as serious as a broken bone.

The infirmary inside a cruise ship should preferably be open for 24 hours. In case something happens to you in the middle of the night, you’ll know that you can go somewhere for help.

Get a flu shot

Don’t forget to get a flu shot.

The risk for flu increases in a closed environment similar to cruise ships. Dr. Henry Murray, an infectious disease expert at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York puts emphasis on getting a flu shot for this reason. Some might think that it sounds counterintuitive if you get a flu shot in the summer. But, Dr. Murray further explains that it’s possible for you to get the flu in the summer especially if you’re going to the tropics.

After the Cruise


Watch out for vertigo after your cruise ship vacation.


According to USA Today, cruise ship travelers are as prone to vertigo after a cruise ship travels as professional seafarers. Make sure that you allocate some recovery time after your cruise especially if you went all out during your trip. Post-Cruise vertigo usually lasts for just a few hours or days at the most after you reach land. If it’s going on for too long, best to have it checked with your doctor.

Extend and explore the city by land.

Do you have a favorite stop on your cruise ship travel? Go ahead and extend so you can further explore the place by land. There might be some activities or sights that you weren’t able to fully enjoy while you were on the cruise.

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