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Spend Time with Your Grandkids with These Fun Activities

Spend Time with Your Grandkids with These Fun Activities

Your grandkids will forever cherish the memories you make with them. Every moment you spend with them will be special and worth their while. However, keeping little ones entertained – especially teenagers – can be a challenge. Spend time with your grandkids with these fun activities.

Cook Together

One of the fondest memories children have when they’re grown up is the time they spent in the kitchen with their grandparents. Every family has classic recipes that have been passed down throughout the years. Making homemade recipes while using fresh ingredients, is a lost art among this generation. Show them how it’s done!

If your family is always claiming your apple pie is the best in the world, or you make the most outstanding meatballs they’ve ever had, share these secrets with your grandkids. It makes them feel special and valuable, and they will carry on your recipes for generations to come.

Embark On a Scavenger Hunt

Whether it’s at school, home, or their friend’s birthday party, your grandkids spend a lot of time indoors. Take the kids outside to enjoy the beauty of nature and take in some fresh air. Put away the phones, put down the remote and just enjoy this magnificent world we live in.

The key to preventing boredom is creating engagement! A scavenger hunt is a perfect alternative to playing video games. Make a list of things your grandchildren will be able to spot around the neighborhood or the local park, and whoever finds the most, wins (well, everyone wins). They’ll have a blast searching for the objects, and they will be thrilled about winning a prize.

Take a Trip To The Beach

Take a Trip

There’s nothing kids love more than skipping school for a little vacation with their grandparents. Go on a cruise, take a trip to Disney World, visit a historical city, or spend the weekend at the beach. Our personal favorite is a good ol’ road trip. Road trips create the best bonding opportunities and are great for games or binge-watching movies together. Bask in this alone time with your grandkids, because memories like these don’t come often.

If your trip entails frequent walking, rent a scooter. You’ll be more comfortable and be able to entertain your high-energy grandkids for a longer amount of time.  

Spend Time Outdoors

Outdoor activities never get old and will never fail you. Take the grandkids to the pool, draw on the sidewalks with chalk, blow bubbles, or play hide and seek! A sure-fire way to keep the grandkids happy is having an abundance of outdoor games at all times. “I’m bored,” are the words you will never have to hear if you’re the awesome grandparent who keeps frisbees on hand, fishing poles in the garage, and cornhole in the yard.

Fishing With Grandpa

Fishing With Grandpa

A grandparent’s job is to spoil endlessly, love infinitely, and hold tightly. Savor every moment you have with your grandkids. Spend time with your grandkids with these fun activities and you’ll rock their socks. Check out our blog for more fun activities and tips!