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The 411 on Flying with a Mobility Scooter

The 411 on Flying with a Mobility Scooter

If you plan to travel on an airplane in the near future and use a mobility scooter in your everyday life, you may be wondering if you are even allowed to take it with you on the plane. For example, it is a common misconception that power wheelchairs or mobility scooters are banned from airplanes due to them having two types of batteries: lithium and lead acid. However, this is far from the truth. Don’t let your mobility scooter hinder you from going on adventures and having the time of your life while traveling via airplanes. Keep on reading below for the 411 on flying with a mobility scooter.


Before Your Trip

One can travel with a mobility scooter as long as the batteries in the mobility device comply with the FAA. Make sure to have let your airline know you will be traveling with a mobility scooter at least 48 hours before your flight. Transporting a mobility scooter on an airplane is free, and on top of this, according to the FAA and ADA, there are no additional baggage fees to transport your medical devices. However, different policies and procedures vary from airline to airline, and no matter what, they must be complied with.

Make sure you tell your airline information about your mobility scooter that can be found in your user manual. You may be asked about your scooter’s make and model type, as well as its battery type and battery size. An airline could also ask you to fill out proper documentation before you arrive at the airport.

Boarding Your Mobility Scooter

Once you arrive at the airport, check in your mobility scooter with instructions given to you by customer service. After this, your mobility scooter will be taken by an airline worker to the plane. You will be assisted with a wheelchair through security, customs, or any other checkpoints along the way.

As well as this, you will be among the first people boarded on the plane due to being disabled. After you land, you will be escorted to the airport’s baggage claim area where you will be reunited with your mobility scooter.

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Have Photo Documentation

In the rare case that something happens to your mobility scooter, you always want to make sure to take pictures of it before and after your trip. Any damage claims regarding it must be reported to the airline’s customer service from the moment you have your mobility scooter back in your possession. Accidents happen, and it is possible an airline worker could accidentally damage your mobility scooter in the process of transporting it.

With your new knowledge of traveling on airplanes with your mobility scooter, you’re ready for your next adventure. No matter where you choose to travel, Yellow Scooters has a plethora of rental options available for you to choose from. Don’t wait until the last minute, you can count on us to supply all of your mobility scooter needs.