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Wheelchair Carriers: Which One Is Right For You?

Wheelchair Carriers: Which One Is Right For You?

Need a Wheelchair Carrier?

Going on a long journey, a fun vacation, or a cross-country trip? Finding the best wheelchair carrier for the back of car transport is one of the main priorities of people with disabilities. Luckily, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

A wheelchair carrier, also referred to as a wheelchair hitch, for small cars and other vehicles is often necessary for handicap individuals to maintain their mobility and independence. A carrier is a folding platform that can be easily mounted on a hitch at the back of a car. There are different hitches that fit certain vehicle types, such as trucks and vans an thus, several factors to consider when trying to determine which wheelchair hitch carrier is right for you.

Choosing Wheelchair Hitch Carriers

Type of Wheelchair Carrier

How much effort can you put into operating your carrier? With an electric wheelchair carrier, you can easily push the wheelchair onto the carrier with minimal effort. You only need to access a switch or remote control. On the other hand, they can be expensive.

A hitch mounted carrier is a more affordable type of wheelchair carrier. It often comes with a ramp for loading or unloading the wheelchair. If you have a lightweight wheelchair, this is a great and balanced option. Other types include the bumper-mounted carrier and the manual wheelchair carrier.

Carrier Weight

Is your car small? Can it handle a heavyweight carrier? The weight of your carrier can influence how fast your car can drive, and how easily you can mount or dismount it in the future. Bigger SUVs and trucks can better handle heavier carriers.

Hitch Class and Rating

The class of a wheelchair hitch is determined by its maximum weight capacity and opening size. This is an especially important factor considering it will determine a carrier’s compatibility with your existing equipment and vehicle. Class I hitches are best for smaller cars and wheelchairs. Class V wheelchair hitches have a bigger capacity and they need to be mounted on bigger cars.

Best Wheelchair Carriers for Different Vehicles

How to Choose Wheelchair Carriers

Hitch-Mounted Carrier for Small Cars and Other Vehicles

A manual or automatic hitch-mounted carrier is a popular option for many wheelchair users. It’s a very cost-effective option that is compatible with most vehicles. In fact, it can attach to any drawbar or ball mount on the back of a car. It’s a good option for wheelchair rack for a small car. Additionally, unlike bumper-mounted carriers, hitch-mounted carriers still allow easy access to the trunk of your car.

Wheelchair hitches labeled as Class I or II are best for cars and minivans.

Automatic Car-Top Carrier for Large Cars

The electric automatic car-top carrier is easy to control, but it can only work with manual chairs and light-to-medium weight chairs. This type of carrier is great for conserving vehicle space. However, it can be too heavy or too long for smaller cars.

Classes III to V wheelchair hitches are most compatible with SUVs and pickup trucks.

Wheelchair Carrier for Pick-Up Trucks

If you own a truck, a pick-up truck carrier is the easiest and best way to make your car accessible. With an electric wheelchair carrier, you can easily lift your wheelchair into the bed of the truck.

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