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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users

Giving a gift for wheelchair users allows you the opportunity to make that person’s life more enriching. There are fortunately a number of things you can buy for them this Christmas. Here are five suggestions below:

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices, like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, offer a lot of function, information, and entertainment for the whole family. These devices  can perform requests such as:

  • setting up timers and alarms
  • detailing the news of the day
  • reading books
  • dishing out random facts, information, and jokes
  • playing music from the owner’s collection or the Internet radio and podcast


These devices can be set up with additional skills and the ability to control other smart devices that are plugged in or installed in the house. They are quite useful for people with a disability or those physically challenged in their home environment. Compared to other gadgets, those receiving these presents would not need to use their hands too much on smart home devices which are voice-activated.

Smart Lights and Outlets

Philips Hue is a smart lighting system that allows users to control the lights from smart devices. It’s also voice activated so users can go hands-free with adjusting the lights’ intensity or activation.


This fixture may also be set with timers so that the lights turn on especially for security during the nights when the owner is not home. The bulbs may change colors and can be easily dimmed or brightened to the user’s preference.


This gift will make the house of people in wheelchairs more accessible. It also provides them the freedom and independence to move about in their own home.


Wheelchair Side Bag

Wheelchairs do not usually have any compartment for users to put their things but there are bags can be added on the back of the equipment. However, it’s quite impractical to have a backpack for wheelchair users since they won’t be able to reach the back of the chair properly. Thus, a wheelchair side bag would make a better gift.


The side bag can be strapped to the wheelchair’s armrest; thus it’s more accessible to the user. It can contain wallets, mobile phones and other gadgets, pens and pads, books, brush or comb, water bottles, and other necessities.


The Pembrook wheelchair side bag is a popular choice. It’s a 5-pocket expandable water-resistant wheelchair side bag that can last for many uses.

Wheelchair Lights

Wheelchair lights can be fitted to the front or the back of the chair similar to bicycles with LED lights. This gives the wheelchair more functionality on the road especially if the user loves to go out for a stroll in the park or in the community at night. The lights may be customized to blink or remain steady to make the wheelchair more visible in the dark.


According to a study by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, additional wheelchair accessories like lights or bags help wheelchair users improve their personal space. The add-ons also offer more independence so it will make a significant gift since many people using wheelchairs regard the equipment as a huge part of their body.


Do you know that wheelchair users are more at risk for skin ulcers or sores? Sitting on the wheelchair for most of the day can take a toll on the body especially if the chair doesn’t have ample padding or extra support. Being on a wheelchair can be bad for the circulation, which can weaken the soft tissues of the buttocks and the pelvis area.


Gifting cushions will help ease the pressure points on the buttocks and the back for wheelchair users. It also makes the seat more stable and comfortable.


Wheelchair cushions are featured with different materials for enhanced support. Some have soft latex or memory foam that contours to the body’s shape. There are also air cushions or gel cushions.

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