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Four Tips for When Pregnancy Makes it Difficult to Walk

Four Tips for When Pregnancy Makes it Difficult to Walk

Pregnancy can be one of the best times in a woman’s life, but it definitely has its highs and lows. Perhaps one of the most inconvenient things to do while pregnant is walking. However, you should know that walking is actually one of the most recommended activities by health experts all around the world. It is not as strenuous as other forms of exercise, and it helps you maintain your fitness levels easily.

Walking keeps you fit, keeps you and your baby’s weight in check, and reduces stress levels. Additionally, walking also lowers the risks of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Start walking now and reap the benefits of staying in shape after your labor!

Walking Tips for Pregnant Women

Taking up walking as a form of exercise while pregnant may sound exciting, but it is actually harder than you think. Your center of gravity is off when you’re pregnant, and your feet can get sore easily because you’re carrying more weight than what your body is used to. To help you have an easier time, here are four tips for when pregnancy makes it difficult to walk around:

Fix Your Posture

To prevent backaches, maintaining good posture while walking is a must. Pregnant women should stand up straight, without leaning forward or backward. They should also put their chin up, eyes forward, and loosen their shoulders. Practice this posture and see the difference it makes during and after your walk.

Control Your Pace

There’s no one-size-fits-all pace for pregnant women who are interested in utilizing walks as their form of exercise. However, the rule of thumb is that pregnant women should be able to speak sentences without huffing and puffing while walking. You might think that strolling can be a waste of your time, but overexerting yourself can end up harming your health and your baby. Walk at a moderate pace, and you should be fine.

Wear a Belly Band

It might seem ridiculous but wearing a belly band or belt can help you take some weight off your back during your walk. There are a lot of stores that offer maternity belly bands. Look around and find the best bump support for your body!

Use Railings for Balance

If you can find railings around the area while walking, try to walk near them and use them to keep yourself steady. Walking around inclined areas while literally carrying your baby weight in front of you can lead to trips and falls. To maintain balance and prevent accidents, situate yourself near railings during your walks.  

Have a More Relaxed Time after Walking around With Yellow Scooters

One of the most important things to remember when walking is not to overexert yourself. Once you feel like you might have reached your limit, it is best to rest for a while and relax your legs as much as possible.

Mobility scooters like the ones we offer for rental are one of the best ways to travel around after a particularly tiring walk or exercise. If you’re having a hard time walking throughout the course of your pregnancy, our wide range of offered mobility vehicle rentals would be extremely helpful as well. Let us help you have an easier time going around while pregnant! To know more about how we can help you, contact us at 1-855-274-3363 now!