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Your Ultimate Guide to Using a Mobility Scooter at Disney

Your Ultimate Guide to Using a Mobility Scooter at Disney

There are few things more magical in the Sunshine State than Walt Disney World. Located just outside of Orlando, it is one of the largest tourist destinations in the entire world. If you have limited mobility, you may think that the Magic Kingdom may be beyond your grasp, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Here is your ultimate guide to using a mobility scooter at Disney World.

Disney is Scooter Friendly

If you suffer from limited mobility, many theme parks give you the option of renting a mobility scooter or wheelchair. While renting a wheelchair may be less expensive, this is most certainly not your best bet. Wheelchairs are very physically demanding for users, and operating in a park as massive as Disney World requires a lot of upper body strength and conditioning.

Mobility scooters are a much better bet. Renting from Disney when you arrive at the park is not as easy as it seems. Disney operates with first come, first serve policy with its mobility scooter and wheelchair rentals.  Even if you try and call ahead of time, you will quickly learn that Disney does not allow reservations. While this is a great fair gesture, it doesn’t really help if you need a scooter, but they are fresh out of them.

mobility scooter disney worldAlways Rent a Scooter Before You Get to Disney

One of the best things you can do if you are planning on visiting Disney is to book a mobility scooter through a third-party vendor like YellowScooters.com. Booking a scooter online allows you to have a set reservation, meaning you know that you will have a scooter when you arrive at the park and not just hoping that there may be one left. In addition, a company such as Yellow Scooters can have the mobility chair ready and waiting for you at the park, meaning you can hop on and explore all that Disney has to offer. Finally, renting from a third-party scooter site can also get you a much better deal than you may expect to pay for a scooter rental from Disney.

Once you have your scooter, you’ll be happy to learn that Disney is a very friendly place for those who are disabled, or who have limited or reduced mobility. After all, they don’t call it that “happiest place on earth” for nothing! Disney allows guests with mobility issues to take their scooters right up to the rides, where they can easily transfer both on and off once the attraction is finished! Pretty cool, huh?

Yellow Scooters is Your One-Stop Source for Mobility Scooters in Florida

If you are heading to Disney in 2019, Yellow Scooters has all your mobility issues taken care of!  At Yellow Scooters, we have a great selection of scooters to rent, so you don’t have to let limited mobility ruin your Disney World experience!  Give us a call at 1 (855) 274-3363 today. Say goodbye to limited mobility, and hello to fun with Mickey and Minnie!