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Travel Scooters vs Mid-Sized Scooters: Which Is Right for Me?

Travel Scooters vs Mid-Sized Scooters: Which Is Right for Me?

Mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes. But, how can a person determine which is the right type of scooter for them? Should they stick with a mid-sized scooter or opt for something better suited for travel? Travel scooters vs. mid-sized scooters: which is right for me?

What Will You be Using Your Mobility Scooter For?

One of the significant differences between travel mobility scooters and mid-sized scooters is that travel scooters are primarily designed for outdoor use, whereas mid-sized mobility scooters are more geared towards all-around and daily usage.

Travel scooters, as noted, are best for people who need occasional assistance – particularly when traveling or outdoors. As mid-sized scooters are for daily use, they often feature improved steering than travel scooters. This gives them a much better range of motion, as well as a more improved turning radius.  Their more considerable weight also provides much greater stability and durability, which is perfect for those looking to regain greater independence of mobility.

best mobility scooter for travelTravel scooters, on the other hand, are great for those who only need occasional assistance. If you are able to get out of bed or your chair on your own or have no severe posture or shoulder issues, a travel scooter may be the solution you are looking for, as it provides help with mobility in a compact, easy to transport size.

How Often Will You Use Your Mobility Scooter?

Most mobility scooters have an average weight capacity of between 250 to 350 pounds. Knowing how much weight you will need your scooter to support is key, as you definitely don’t want a scooter which can’t support your weight. The ability of a scooter to hold more weight may mean better performance overall by the scooter. While the weight capacity of scooters can vary wildly, the compact size of most travel scooters means they can hold less weight than most mid-sized mobility scooters.

Consider Ease of Transporting Your Mobility Scooter

Travel scooters are much easier to disassemble for transportation than mid-sized scooters. Travel scooters are really great if storage space in your home is limited. Travel scooters also generally tend to be much lighter than mid-sized scooters, making them easier to take apart, transport and store. Mid-sized mobility scooters, by comparison, are much heavier and difficult to disassemble (if possible), making them more difficult to store. In addition, they are nearly impossible for one person to lift and their ability to be operated in lifts and tight spaces may be compromised.

Find Your Ideal Mobility Scooter Today

Choosing a mobility scooter that’s perfect for you may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! By asking the right questions, and considering exactly what you need, you’ll be able to find one that is just right for you. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter, Yellow Scooters has a great selection of scooters to rent or buy. Give us a call at 1 (855) 274-3363 today and say goodbye to limited mobility!