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Flying? Should You Take Your Mobility Scooter with You or Rent?

Flying? Should You Take Your Mobility Scooter with You or Rent?

Are you planning a vacation that requires taking a flight? Are you going away on a business trip? Either way, you likely want to know which option is best if you have a mobility scooter: should you take yours with you or rent one at your destination? This is a common question that the staff at Yellow Scooters faces. We recommend that you rent a mobility scooter at your destination. It makes for a lot less hassle on your part when boarding the plane at both ends of the trip. Let’s take a look at why renting is the better of the two options in today’s post.

Easier to Board the Plane

Boarding the plane at both ends of the trip will be much easier when you have rented a mobility scooter. When you take your own scooter with you it will need to be checked at the gate. You will then receive the scooter from the airport staff upon arrival at your destination. That is quite a bit of hassle for someone going on vacation or a business trip. It might be best to use a wheelchair in the airport at both ends of the trip and then rent a mobility scooter upon your arrival at your destination.

mobility scooter rentalRelieve the Worry

When you decide to rent a mobility scooter for your trip you can relieve the worry that your scooter will get damaged during the flight or even get placed on the wrong plane. If this were to happen, you’d wind up having to rent a scooter anyway and then purchase a new one once you return home from the trip. When you rent a scooter you don’t have to bring yours with you. It can be left at home and stored away in a closet so it is ready for your return.

Book a Rental in Advance

You can also book a rental in advance, which makes traveling much easier on everyone in your party, including you. There’s no worry in wondering if there will be any scooters available at your destination when you can book one month in advance of your trip. This is especially helpful if the scooter you own has broken or there has been trouble with the battery holding plenty of battery power. You won’t have to worry about getting it repaired before the trip or having it putter out while exploring your destination.

Book Your Scooter Rental Today

Are you planning a vacation for this summer? Do you need to travel for business? Are you visiting family across the country? No matter the reason for your travel, it’s important that you have a mobility scooter where you are headed. Call the team from Yellow Scooters at 1-855-274-3363 today to discuss your travel plans and book a rental. You can also complete the contact form and a salesperson will contact you in a timely manner. Don’t let the worry of having a working scooter ruin your vacation or business trip. Schedule a mobility scooter rental today to ease your mind.