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Three Tips to Maintain Your Mobility Scooter

Three Tips to Maintain Your Mobility Scooter

Owning a mobility scooter can help change the way you live. If you have mobility troubles, now you can get back to the active lifestyle you enjoyed prior to those problems coming into your life. If you’ve always owned a mobility scooter but have had trouble keeping it in good working condition, these three tips will help you maintain your mobility scooter. They will help keep your scooter in good condition so that it doesn’t fail on you in a time of need.

Keep Proper Maintenance of the Battery

The battery of your mobility scooter is your lifeline. When the battery fails, all you have with you is an oversized paperweight. Make sure you ask the manufacturer of the scooter all about the battery used by the scooter. You should also talk to the dealer where you bought the scooter about how to care for the battery. There’s only so much information available in the owner’s manual that can help you.

Every battery is different. Your scooter might have a battery that needs to be charged whenever you are not using the scooter. Or, you could have a battery that needs to be used until it is dead before it can be charged again. Make sure you know the difference so you do not destroy the battery before the scooter is even a year old.

mobility scooter maintenance, mobility scooter care, how to maintain a mobility scooterConduct Regular Inspections

You need to treat the mobility scooter like it is a vehicle. That means you should schedule preventive maintenance and inspections of the scooter. This can be done once per year if you so choose or a couple of times per year. Taking the scooter to a local repair shop can help find issues that you might not have known to look for or even noticed while you were cleaning the device. Make sure you always seek a second opinion if the first repair shop recommends major repairs to your mobility scooter.

Read and Understand the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual can make owning a mobility scooter much easier. You likely have a lot of questions. Most of the answers to those questions can be found in the manual. Make sure you read it cover to cover prior to the first use of your scooter. You don’t want to make any mistakes or cause any damage to the scooter before you’ve even read the manual. Taking the advice of the manufacturer from the manual can make a great deal of difference when you come across issues with the scooter. You will likely find easy fixes to some of the most common problems that owners of mobility scooters face by reading the manual.

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