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Heavy Duty or Lightweight: Which Mobility Scooter Rental in Las Vegas is Right for You?

Heavy Duty or Lightweight: Which Mobility Scooter Rental in Las Vegas is Right for You?

Are you planning a vacation to Las Vegas? Do you require a mobility scooter for your trip? Mobility scooters help millions of people navigate their daily lives. Your vacation shouldn’t be different from your life at home. As you prepare for your trip, you should look into renting a mobility scooter to make exploring Las Vegas as easy as possible. But, do you go with a heavy duty or lightweight scooter? Let the team from Yellow Scooters explore your options in this post so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of a Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

If you have spoken to friends and family members who travel and require a mobility scooter, you’ve likely come across different opinions as to what type of scooter you should rent. When it comes to a heavy duty scooter, there are a few benefits that make it the smarter of the two to choose for your rental.

One such benefit of a heavy duty scooter is that it makes it easier for you to navigate the terrain when exploring Las Vegas. You should have no trouble traversing sidewalks, hills, streets, and ramps. A heavy duty scooter will be able to take turns, bumps, and other debris in the road with ease. The downside of a heavy duty scooter is that it will weigh quite a bit. Do you have the strength to load it onto a bus? You need to take this into consideration when scheduling a mobility scooter rental.

mobility scooter in las vegasBenefits of a Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Your other option when renting a mobility scooter for your trip to Las Vegas is choosing a lightweight scooter. A lightweight scooter will make it incredibly easy to explore Las Vegas while also maneuvering any hazards that might be in your way. The benefits of a lightweight scooter include:

  • The ability to fold the scooter for storage
  • The ability to lift the scooter onto a bus or train
  • No tools required to fold the scooter
  • Stainless steel frame that doesn’t rust
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Padded seat and footrests
  • Control panel for varying speeds

A lightweight scooter can provide you with all the benefits of a heavy duty mobility scooter for your trip to Las Vegas. You won’t have to worry about having plenty of room to store it when not in use in your hotel room or that you won’t be able to board a bus.

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