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The Best Scooter-Accessible Places to Visit for Your Summer Vacation

The Best Scooter-Accessible Places to Visit for Your Summer Vacation

When it comes to traveling anywhere this summer, you’re going to want to know what vacation spots provide accessible accommodations for the less able so everyone in your party can enjoy the same awesome experience.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Planning your summer vacation will help you with deciding on the best mobility scooters for traveling. Many destinations, resorts, and cruise ships offer a ton of accessibility for those traveling by scooters or wheelchairs. Here are some summer vacation ideas that provide you with easy access to everything:

The Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas

Looking for summer vacation ideas that include an enormous cruise ship that is disability-focused? Symphony of the Seas may be your best choice this summer. The cruise ship offers 46 accessible cabins that include wide stateroom and bathroom doors, and low door sills and ramped thresholds. Each room has easy accessibility for the disabled with roll-in showers, grab bars, and plenty of turning spaces.

The Cruise 450 three Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter is the most mobility scooter ever offered for a cruise ship rental. It has an awesome 33-inch turning circle, giving you the chance to take advantage of the plenty of turning space the Symphony of the Seas provides.

Disney World

mobility scooters for travelingIf you’re searching for a summer destination that provides their guests with accessibility and mobility for their parks, transportation services, and even hotels, Disney World has you covered. Disney offers a guide for guests with disabilities, informing you on how they make all their operations mobility scooter friendly. Your whole party can enjoy a beautiful day at a theme park while enjoying the food, rides, and all the fun that comes with it.

Mobility scooters for traveling around Orlando and theme parks include the VX3 Commercial Grade Theme Park Scooter. The scooter was strictly designed for Disney & Universal parks so you can be worry-free all day. The VX3 is suitable for theme park transportation and mobility enabled taxis. It’s the best scooter for traveling through tight areas and theme park crowds.

Universal Studios

Ready to enjoy a day of superheroes, jaw-dropping adventure, and premier movie based rides? Universal has you covered this summer with attractions like Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, and the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Tons are raving to check out this summer. Universal provides an Attraction Assistance Pass to guests with disabilities. This pass provides guests with more suitable entrances into the rides, and much more to help you enjoy your day comfortably.

The Transport EX. four-wheel portable scooter is an ideal mobility scooter for you to cruise around Harry Potter world. Offering excellent leg room, a front basket, and all around bumpers, the scooter can transport for mobility enabled taxis, shuttles, buses, and boats at Universal Studios. Also available is the scooter battery charging dock to ensure your scooter doesn’t die while enjoying your day.

Where To Rent A Scooter For Your Vacation?

After choosing the summer destination that seems the most intriguing to you, you’re going to want to find the best scooter rentals. Yellow Scooters provides you with all your mobility scooter needs and have plenty of options for you to choose from. Contact us today at 855-274-3363 to reserve your rental for your summer vacation!