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Can I Use My Mobility Scooter In the Rain?

Can I Use My Mobility Scooter In the Rain?

Summer offers many opportunities to be out and about in Florida, meaning an active schedule for your mobility scooter. Of course, summer in Florida also means the rainy season is upon us. It’s difficult to plan activities around the summer rain patterns, so what can you do if it is raining? You may ask, “Can I use my mobility scooter in the rain?” 

Can A Mobility Scooter Be Used in the Rain?

Good news. No reason to worry about that trip to Disney or your plans to explore the beautiful city of Orlando on your own terms. Yes, you can use a mobility scooter in the rain. That being said, Florida rain can get pretty intense sometimes, occasionally leading drivers of automobiles to delay a trip due to low visibility. As with any vehicle, you should move a little slower and exercise caution when operating your motorized scooter in rainy weather. If you are dealing with a torrential downpour, it’s probably best to be covered to protect both yourself and the electrical controls. Otherwise, in a light to normal rain, be safe, but enjoy all the city has to offer. 

Keeping Your Scooter Dry 

 can a mobility scooter be used in the rainThere are a few ideas to try which will help keep you dry and alleviate some of the discomfort from that unexpected sudden downpour we have come to expect during these summer months. The use of an umbrella is not practical when you are operating a motorized scooter. A better idea is rain protection clothing designed to keep the individual dry during rainy weather. 

If you plan on using a mobilized scooter in Orlando another alternative is to equip your scooter with a cover or canopy to protect both yourself and the scooter from the elements. Whether you’re planning to maneuver through theme parks or just adventuring around town, there is a scooter with your name on it. Scooter canopies vary between those providing basic cover to those that can literally be zipped up to provide complete protection from the weather inside the canopy. 

Be Aware of the Terrain 

So, while you can ride a mobility scooter in the rain while, you’re using the protective gear for yourself and the scooter and driving slower. You also need to always try to be aware of the terrain during your travels in the rain. Potholes and uneven surfaces of any kind can make your scooter unstable and unsafe. Be sure to give your scooter a quick look after that rainy adventure. Wiping down the whole scooter with a dry towel will help to prevent damage and aging of the scooter.

Rain or Shine, Yellow Scooters is Here for You

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