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Four Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Mobility Scooter

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Mobility Scooter

Nothing provides persons of limited mobility more freedom to do the things they enjoy more than having a mobility scooter. Of course, the continued independence offered by mobility scooters depends on the owner avoiding the common mistakes that can negatively impact the long-term operation and usefulness of the scooter. Let’s review some common mistakes to avoid with your mobility scooter to ensure its proper operation for years to come. 

Not Keeping Your Scooter Battery Charged

You don’t always know in advance when you might need to utilize your scooter, so it’s always a good idea to keep it charged up and ready to go. This is true even if you don’t have any plans to use your mobility scooter for a while. It is not a good idea to let the battery die and leave it unused for a length of time. Doing so will result in it dying permanently. Charge it every few days, even if you don’t plan to use it for several weeks.  

Not Knowing Your Scooter’s Range and Abilities 

common mobility scooter mistakesCommon mobility scooter mistakes also focus on users who do not know or consider their scooter’s range and abilities before taking it on an outing. Consider the types of terrain that are found where you plan to use your scooter. You have little to worry about if you’re planning a day at Disney World, but off-road terrain consisting of dirt, sand, or brick/cobblestone type surfaces are another matter. Nature trails that have steep uphill or downhill paths should also be considered. Such terrains will drain the battery faster than traveling on normal street surfaces. Regardless of the terrain, always have a fully charged battery when going someplace new, as you might end up needing to travel more miles than you think. 

Not Following the Rules of the Road for Safety   

Mobility scooter mistakes to avoid continue with some tips that should be followed, whether you’re driving a mobility scooter or an automobile. Rules of the road include things like taking it slow. A slower speed allows better control of the vehicle and greater ability to avoid the unexpected, maybe a pothole or broken pavement, maybe an inattentive pedestrian. Next, try to travel in a straight path, avoid weaving left and right. Driving on the right side of the path, as you would with a car, is best. The final consideration under rules of the road is courtesy while operating your mobility scooter. When moving slowly, let others pass and go on their way.  

Not Keeping Up with Your Mobility Scooter Maintenance  

Failure to keep up with mobility scooter maintenance is a mistake to be avoided. Proper scooter maintenance means more than just keeping the battery fully charged. Normal scooter operation calls for proper maintenance and cleaning of your scooter to maintain its long-term operation and reliability. After riding in rain or inclement weather, wiping down the whole scooter with a dry towel will help prevent damage and aging of the scooter. Proper scooter maintenance also means checking the air pressure of the tires about once a week. Finally, don’t forget the brakes. Brake failure is uncommon, but checking the brake function prior to taking your scooter out for the day is always a good idea. 

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