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Can Mobility Scooters Go on Planes?

Can Mobility Scooters Go on Planes?

A common question we hear from people planning a trip that involves air travel is whether they can take their mobility scooter on a plane. Does the answer to this question depend upon the airport or airline? What about federal regulations? Let’s start by answering the basic question, “Can mobility scooters go on planes?” 

Can You Bring a Mobility Scooter on a Plane?

The short answer is, “Yes.” This is true regardless of the type of battery, lead acid or lithium, used to power the chair. All batteries used to power mobility scooters are non-spillable batteries and therefore are permitted under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. That being said, keep in mind that different airlines have different policies regarding mobility scooters, with most of them requiring the mobility scooters to be checked as baggage. 

Taking a Mobility Scooter on a Plane

taking a mobility scooter on a planeTaking a mobility scooter on a plane is done by the airline staff at the time of check-in. This service is free, as is any assistance service provided to you by the airline, which includes taking you onto the plane in a wheelchair provided by the airline. As noted above, all airlines do not have the same policies regarding mobility scooters. For example, some airlines might require you to have a note from your doctor indicating that your use of the scooter is a medical necessity. You should check with your airline prior to the day of departure regarding their mobility scooter policies. 

How To Take a Mobility Scooter on a Plane 

The airline usually takes care of how a mobility scooter is taken on a plane. Be attentive to the customer service representative regarding how they handle your scooter. Also, in addition to a doctor’s note related to medical necessity, bringing the owner’s manual with information regarding the scooter’s specifications is always a good idea. 

Another good idea? Consider taking a few pictures of your scooter before you give it to airline personnel to document its condition in case it becomes damaged during transport.

Best Mobility Scooter to Take on a Plane

When planning a trip by air, what is the best mobility scooter to take on a plane? The answer to this should really be based upon your mobility needs and your preferences in size and design. Since you will not be using the scooter while on the plane, perhaps the main consideration should be the size of the battery powering the chair, and the ease of connecting and disconnecting the battery. Regardless of your choice of a mobility scooter and where you choose to take it, Yellow Scooters has the perfect rental scooters for vacations. All our scooters have a battery life lasting at for least 15 miles, and they are all easily operated. From planning your trip to getting your mobile scooter delivered, we can help. Contact us today at (855) 274-3363.