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Reasons Why More Businesses Should Embrace Mobility Scooters

Reasons Why More Businesses Should Embrace Mobility Scooters

As we get older, most of us will experience some degree of loss of strength and agility. At some point, walking begins to get more difficult, which leads many of our elderly population to decide to stay put and not venture outdoors. Adapting such a sedentary lifestyle is not good for physical or mental health. In response to this need for mobility, innovative thinkers came up with the idea for mobility scooters. 

With the introduction of mobility scooters several years ago, millions of elderly and disabled individuals, both here and abroad, have newfound freedom to leave their homes and once again become participants in life outside the home. Unfortunately, many businesses have failed to put out the welcome mat for customers dependent upon mobility scooters. Let’s consider some reasons why more businesses should embrace mobility scooters. 

Mobility Scooter Accessible Considerations

Why would a business not want to be mobility scooter accessible? From strictly a business perspective, it is difficult to find any downside to having a business becoming more accessible to accommodate people of all abilities. Of course, renovating a restaurant or other business does cost money. So, at first glance, the business that has not renovated to accommodate mobility scooters does not think that becoming more people-friendly will pay off for the bottom line

mobility scooter accessible business entranceIf that is the rationale of the business, it is not likely that the business will stay in business very long. Businesses of all types – big and small – recognize that being customer-friendly is the best way to attract more customers. Remodeling of all types is a normal routine for businesses. Large and very profitable corporations, including McDonald’s and Walt Disney Co., spend millions of dollars to upgrade their locations to improve the customer experience and make it easier for everyone to use their facilities. They knew that happier customers would pay off in more profits in the end – and it has for them and thousands of other businesses.

Wheelchair Accessible Locations

Years ago, the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) necessitated many businesses to make themselves accessible to persons who are wheelchair dependent. The businesses that renovated the quickest to get into compliance with the law saw the result of more people of all abilities, which translated into more sales and bigger profits. There is no better source of new customers for your business, no matter what the business, than positive reviews and referrals from loyal customers.  

Mobility Scooter Accessible Business Entrance

A business interested in obtaining more patrons, resulting in more sales and more loyal customers will want to become mobility scooter accessible. If you are an interested business, there is a simple way to start. Begin with a mobility scooter accessible business entrance. Getting a new supply of fresh customers will help to open your eyes to other changes that can make your business more accessible to people of all abilities. 

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