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How You Can Improve the Life Cycle of Your Mobility Scooter

How You Can Improve the Life Cycle of Your Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter can help you live an active lifestyle, even if you have trouble getting around because of an injury, illness, or age-related problems with your back or legs. This is why it’s important to get as much out of your mobility scooter as possible. Having to replace the scooter often because of poor maintenance or part failure can become costly. Today, the team from Yellow Scooters provides you with tips for improving the life cycle of your mobility scooter.

Perform Adequate Battery Charging

One of the most important things you can do to improve mobility scooter longevity is to adequately charge the battery. Mobility scooter batteries don’t last too long, which means you can’t really rely on these scooters as your sole means of transportation. However, if you charge the battery according to the owner’s manual, you shouldn’t have to deal with the battery quitting on you too soon. 

So, how long does a mobility battery last? There are two ways to answer this question, one of which raises another question: how long can the battery hold a charge?  That answer to that is the following: roughly eight hours. In eight hours, you should be able to travel a total of 10 miles on the scooter. The second way to answer this question is: you need to figure out how many years you can expect to get out of the battery. A mobility scooter that is used daily will typically need to have its battery replaced every one and a half to two years, even with excellent maintenance.

how long does a mobility battery lastTravel on the Appropriate Terrain

Mobility scooters are not meant to traverse rough terrain. You might think it’s not a bad idea to do this once in a while, but you should avoid it at all costs. Operate the scooter only on smooth, flat surfaces if you want to extend its life expectancy. This includes sidewalks, pavement, and flooring when indoors. When you operate the scooter on rough terrain you run the risk of breaking apart or jarring something loose.

Regular Scooter Service

Start treating your mobility scooter like it’s your car. It’s important to get mobility scooter service as often as possible. Most of the service you can perform on your own. For example, store the scooter in a dry place when it is not being used. It’s also important to clean the dirt off the tires and anywhere else it is found on the scooter. Dirt can clog parts and lead to wear and tear that comes sooner than one might expect.

If the scooter requires more in-depth maintenance, you might have to take it somewhere to be serviced. Do not ignore any warning signs of a failing scooter. Regular service or a quick repair can easily extend the life of the scooter. Order replacement parts and make sure everything runs smoothly prior to each use and you will be able to avoid any serious problems.

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